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Surrounded by – Song

April 9, 2010

Sitting down in a room

thinking of what has been done

Is it your fault?  Is it your destiny?

You never know.. never know..

little girl

You laugh over all the past tenses

your eyes twinkle over all the past shadows

was it true?

you feel the pain, yeah

little girl


Nights and days life’s given you..

words and shades has left in you..

you’ve lived that for years.. for years..yeah

How come reality be so awful? how long life will be? you cry out

little boy.. little boy


Glazing stars, sailing ships

how long has your heart beaten? how long has your dream liven the untruth? you wonder

when your dream faced the light, your big stars drift away..

drift away..

you only know what has been done

you only sought what has been for you..

for you

and you lived all that as true.. as true

little boy, little boy


Seek your dreams, Dream your fate, Pursue your destiny

keep your head up, keep your hands open

The Word has written  in rock and stone,

you told

it’s unchanged.. unchanged

little angel, little angel


Among the roads you wander, among the rides you take..

life was a mystery, life was a glass of pain..

will you ever face this truth?

life is unfair..

life is unfair..

life has been unfair..

you got to believe that little angel..

little angel

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